Wateen 1500

Wateen Rs.1500 Prepaid Scratch Card Online.
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One Card does it all..
Wateen now offers bundled services in one card that is WCard. You can use Wcard as a calling card and you can also recharge your Wimax prepaid account from WCard. Through calling card functionality customers can make nationwide and international calls at affordable prices from any PTCL landline number, Warid GSM connection and for Wateen number by dialing the access code 12541.

With WCard you can also enjoy:

  • Nationwide and International Calls at affordable prices
  • 60 sec billing pulse
  • High quality of service
  • 24 x 7 help line
  • No gimmicks
  • No Service/hidden Charges

Dual functionality, use as calling card or top up your WiMAX prepaid account


  WCard-Rs 100 Denomination
  Offered With Tax
Destination Minutes Rs. / min
USA 100 1.00
Canada 100 1.00
United Kingdom (LL) 100 1.00
Saudi Arabia (LL) 12 8.33
Saudi Arabia (Mobile) 8 12.50
United Arab Emirates (LL) 7 14.29
United Arab Emirates (Mobile) 7 14.29
India (LL) 15 6.67
India (Mobile) 15 6.67
Bangladesh (LL) 15 6.67
Bangladesh (Mobile) 15 6.67
United Kingdom (Mobile) 6 16.67


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